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Owe money to the IRS?

If you've gotten repeat warnings from the IRS, you may be subject to wage garnishment to pay back your debts. The Tax People USA can assist you with coming up with a plan to avoid wage garnishment and resolve the issue in another manner.

Know how wage garnishment works

Wage garnishment is one of the IRS's most aggressive tax collection mechanisms and should not be taken lightly. Wage garnishment is the deduction of money from an employee's monetary compensation resulting from unpaid IRS taxes.

Most likely this should not be a surprise as the IRS will only levy one's wages after repeated letters and warnings about the taxes owed.

Get help before money is withdrawn

If you've gotten a notice that the IRS will begin wage garnishment soon, contact us to get our help before money is withdrawn. The IRS would rather resolve taxes in a different manner but they will levy when they feel the have run out of other options.

Your garnishment will be handled within 5 business days, but some can be stopped within 1-3 hours. First you fill out a form and then we conference with the IRs to get the situation resolved as soon as possible.

You can trust us with stopping IRS wage garnishment. For $300, we guarantee that your garnishment will be removed within 5 business days of our approval process or you'll get your money back.

Our professionals can also help you come up with a plan to pay back money owed without wage garnishment.

If Your Wages Are Currently Being Garnished

Our process, if approved, will have the garnishment removed in as little as 2 Days, average 5 days.

For assistance in dealing with IRS wage garnishment, call us at 404-445-8100 or 1-855-TAX-4400.

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