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Franchise Testimonial

"I have been filing my own tax returns on my own for years but when I took The Tax People tax training it was so thorough that I learned things about taxes that I never knew existed. Thank you tax people."

- L. Wilder

"I took a $6,000 investment and turned it into a $70,000 business in the first year."

- A.S.

"After franchising with The Tax People I only work four months out of the ear but I have made money like I worked all year."

- A.S.

Service Testimonial

"When I came to Atlanta Tax and Counseling I owed $ 124,220.66 to the IRS. The letters had already been sent to my employer to garnish my wages. I am paid about $2,600 a Bi-Weekly and after the IRS was thru my take home pay would have been $475.  There was NO WAY that would feed my family or pay the house note. I called and got a rep named Jayson. That same day we had all the paperwork put together to stop the garnishment! I RECIEVED ALL OF MY NEXT PAYCHECK.

"They did not stop there. I owed for two years 2007 = $77879.87 and 2008 = $46,340.79. The paperwork to correct my issues was ready in one week. They re-worked 2007 and the IRS owed me $3991. Regretfully I waited too long and they could not send me the money, not owing the $124,220.66 still feels good. As for the 2008 that was reduced to $9,262.26. In a few short months the math worked out to: I owed $124,220.66 and it was reduced to $9,262.26. That is $.07 for every dollar I owed or 93% off and my fee was only $600 that I paid in three installments. I could not recommend this company higher."

- Dennis K. from Atlanta

"Before coming to The Tax People I owed $64,000 over seven years. They eliminated that debt. Thank you Tax People."

- Brenda H. Ohio

"I have always had a good experience using The Tax People for filing of my income taxes. The office staff is pleasant and helpful. They took their time with me and made sure I was promised a full return. I plan to continue using The Tax People."

- Charlotte B. Illonis

"On payday my check was missing $2,300 and little to my knowledge the IRS started garnishing my wages I called The Tax People and they were able to stop the garnishment the same day. They found out that I did not even owe the IRS. Not only did they stop the garnishment, the debt was gone too. Thank The Tax People."

- Jeffery S. SC

"I went to file my tax return and the IRS said that someone had already claimed my son and I knew it had to have been his Father I called The Tax People and I received my refund in less than two weeks."

- Jessica T. Georgia

"For the past two years someone had been filing taxes under my information and when I went to The Tax People they figured out the problem in the same day and I had my checks in less than 4 weeks, for that I say thank you to The Tax People."

- K. Bynum

"I have always filed my tax returns on time, and the first time I went to The Tax People my refund was twice as much as my past year returns. I had The Tax People redo my tax returns for the past years I ended up with $4,018 more. I guess my previous tax firm was not very thorough! Thank you! Thank you! Tax People."

- Ron M.

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