The Tax People USA - Financial Planner - Atlanta, GA

Do I need any Tax Preparation experience?
NO. We have online and in office training.

What is the estimated initial investment cost?
Mobile service is $800 to $1,200 and Store Front $3,000.

How much is a The Tax People, USA Franchise?
Currently, our lowest initial franchise fee is $800. There are discounts for payments in advance, and in house financing is available.

How much are royalties?
Currently, our royalties are 25% to 10% of gross receipts and plus 5% advertising.

Can you help with financing?
In house financing is available.

How long is the tax people franchise contract period?
Three years.

How do I build my clientele?
A portion of your royalties will go towards your advertising. We have ads on the radio, in print and coming in December 2014 TV ADS. We also provide the storefront franchises with 500 Flyers/handbills

How can I contact the company for more information?
We can be reached at 404-569-5550, 404-445-8100, 1-855-TAX-4400 or at

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